From our base in southern Norway, Electronic Tracking Systems AS (ETS) provides secure and reliable GPS/GSM/RF based tracking systems to authorities and professionals worldwide.

We have been operating on three continents, with a focus on Europe, Middle East and Africa, for the last 12 years. ETS tracking units, together with our web-based, cloud hosted software, have been proven and improved over three generations. Some of our earliest products are still providing daily benefits to the clients who deployed them.

More than 80.000 mtrack tracking devices are currently active, sending real-time data from vehicles every minute. Our system were selected by Jordan Customs and Tanzania Revenue Authorities when they wanted to track and monitor all trucks moving within their borders, bringing trade facilitation and control to a new level.

ETS tracking units are configured according to situation and operating environment, to deliver important real-time information to appropriate individuals in an efficient manner, such as by scheduled report or via ad hoc SMS message.

“ETS technology is making the world smaller, safer and more effective by allowing people to monitor their assets, valuables or vehicles from anywhere in the world.”

latest news

ETS AS are looking for new partners and distributors of our products range. In our partnership we provide you with tracking software & hardware, and you build the relationships and provide services to support your customers.

With our new, state of the art, cloud hosted web software there are no need for heavy investment on servers and  infrastructure.

For the first time in ETS history we also open up for third party tracking hardware. This means that if you already have clients with tracking systems, you can convert your existing portfolio to our cloud software.



“ETS Recovery has located all our stolen goods, and saved us millions of rand over the years, it has never failed us.

Our trucks are no longer being targeted by professional criminals, and the truck drivers feel much safer. We are now using it for all our goods in transport.


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