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To develop a bespoke solution, we have drawn upon our experience in supplying tracking solutions for a wide range of applications to countries around the world as well as in providing tracking service for clients in the Middle East, South- and East Africa, Asia, and Europe for more than 12 years.

Monitoring trucks and their shipments involves a lot of variables that should be accounted for. The main objective of the system, that was taken in consideration by ETS AS, when designing the solution was to give the relevant authorities and governmental agencies using this system a stronger grip on the transport industry and better efficiency and control on custom duties (ECTS). In addition to the utilization of the system as a law enforcement tool, it is designed to contribute to the MIS (management information system) for the relevant authorities. In Jordan the system is called TTM (Transit truck monitoring) and in Africa the system is named ECTS (Electronic Cargo Tracking System).

ETS Transit (ECTS) allows relevant authorities to monitor on real-time bases a large number of shipping trucks simultaneously from a central control room in the capital city, and will report any predetermined events criteria violations when they occur with the exact position and status. As these trucks are allowed to travel on predetermined routs, our system has ability to geo-fence areas or streets and to send alarms to the control room in case of violations of these areas. Our system will not only report such an event, but will follow the truck movement out of the assigned route and locate the exact position live.

An important part of our system (TTM and ECTS) is the reporting services, for this, the system has the ability to produce detailed journey reports that includes stop points and durations, start and end points, street names…etc. as ETS recognize the need to use these reports, such as historical investigation of truck/driver crossings, employees performance, legal documentation, and statistical information for better planning and MIS applications.

One of the most significant features of ETS Transit (ECTS) is the reliability, as the outputs of this system will be the basis for legal and financial implications The system has the ability to function even in the absence of other supporting systems, so if the customs database system is down, the monitoring system operators can use their terminals to enter the data, and if the GSM network is not available the tracking units will log the trip reports into their internal memories until such service is recovered.

ETS Transit (ECTS) has taken in consideration the need to share the system outputs with governmental agencies that may be involved in the management and regulatory actions of such operations. For this purpose the operator was given the ability to transfer the tracked vehicles to another operator if needed. And since the system is a web based, this will allow our clients to add and remove users and their privileges efficiently, our clients will have the flexibility with our system to share information with external stakeholders.

The human factor is an important criterion as the operation involves monitoring large numbers of trucks around the clock. We therefore designed a graphical man-machine interface system with the main functions visualized in a digital map with the detailed information of the truck and its shipment, only a click away.

latest news

ETS AS are looking for new partners and distributors of our products range. In our partnership we provide you with tracking software & hardware, and you build the relationships and provide services to support your customers.

With our new, state of the art, cloud hosted web software there are no need for heavy investment on servers and  infrastructure.

For the first time in ETS history we also open up for third party tracking hardware. This means that if you already have clients with tracking systems, you can convert your existing portfolio to our cloud software.



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Our trucks are no longer being targeted by professional criminals, and the truck drivers feel much safer. We are now using it for all our goods in transport.


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