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ETS Recovery

In this day and age, your assets are at constant risk of loss and crime. ETS Recovery provides effective asset recovery through intelligent wireless GSM and GPRS communication and asset location across the GSM and GPS systems. Previously, asset recovery was largely limited to vehicle tracking and, as such, a truck would often be recovered having already been stripped of its valuable load. ETS Recovery provides complete vehicle, asset and cargo tracking and recovery through our unique wireless asset recovery solution.

The portable size of ETS Recovery allows it to be concealed easily. Therefore this unique tracking device enables both cargo tracking and vehicle recovery. ETS Recovery boasts the best recovery rate in the world – 98.4% over the last 4 years.

Battery powered GPS/GSM/RF technologies used in its patented design enable it to be located inside garages, containers, multi-storey car parks etc. Its range of uses is almost limitless; as well suited to use in cars as it is for use on boat trailers for example. In addition, these units will work worldwide. Long battery life is another aspect that sets ETS Recovery apart, with some of our customers having experienced 4 years of use before needing a battery replacement.

Countless configuration options enable us to set up each unit to best match the requirements of each individual customer, thus providing enhanced peace of mind. The unit is small enough to sit within the outline of your hand, and with no wires it can be fitted in moments. It is robust and has an IP67 rating (i.e. it will survive immersion in water up to 1 meter deep for a period). An optional remote control may be used to arm the unit for movement or geo-fencing.

Asset tracking

ETS Recovery gives an instant overview of where any piece of equipment – from trailers and lifts to compressors and dryers – is located; whether stationary or on the move. Everything is controlled from the operator’s own computer with precise positioning.

The purpose of ETS Recovery is to make equipment logistics more efficient. The operator’s enterprise has full control over the location of any given item of equipment at any time. If a piece of equipment is stolen or disappears, it can quickly be located again. ETS Recovery safeguards the operator’s valuable inventory.

These are just some examples of assets that will benefit from being tracked.

  • – Motorbikes
  • – Caravans
  • – Motorhomes
  • – Cars
  • – Boats
  • – Plant machinery
  • – Tractors and Farm Equipment
  • – Lorries
  • – Goods in transit
  • – High value loads
  • – Car Dealerships
  • – Hire Companies

latest news

ETS AS are looking for new partners and distributors of our products range. In our partnership we provide you with tracking software & hardware, and you build the relationships and provide services to support your customers.

With our new, state of the art, cloud hosted web software there are no need for heavy investment on servers and  infrastructure.

For the first time in ETS history we also open up for third party tracking hardware. This means that if you already have clients with tracking systems, you can convert your existing portfolio to our cloud software.



“ETS Recovery has located all our stolen goods, and saved us millions of rand over the years, it has never failed us.

Our trucks are no longer being targeted by professional criminals, and the truck drivers feel much safer. We are now using it for all our goods in transport.


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