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Operating a national park means a lot of considerations. Some parks are controlled by national authorities, and some are privately owned. In all cases there are a lot of stakeholders involved, most with their own special interest and needs.

ETS Parks is a newly developed tool, custom made to meet these challenges and to meet the needs from all stakeholders.

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Park Owners & Authorities

As a park owner or park Authority it is crucial that the revenue and cash flow is under control, to ensure that the management has the needed income to budget for maintenance, operations and sustainability. It is also of great interest to secure the parks own staff, animals and visitors, and to protect the infrastructure and regulated areas of the park. ETS Parks brings a whole new set of tools that will revolutionize the way a park is controlled and maintained.

Another challenge is poaching, unfortunately, and lots of resources are used to reduce this treat and secure the endangered species.

ETS Parks is a newly developed tool, custom made to meet these challenges and to meet the needs from all stakeholders.

Own Staff

Fleet operations are under constant pressure to deliver more efficiency while maintaining a safe working environment for staff and protecting valuable assets. GPS fleet tracking is an essential tool for making every vehicle more effective, reducing costs and ultimately allowing business and government to do more with less.

ETS Parks provides complete mobile asset tracking and management tools that provide return on investment typically in less than one year. Hard dollar savings in fuel, vehicle miles driven, and worker overtime are obvious benefits. In addition, fewer accidents, improved driver behavior and better execution of corporate and agency mandates deliver even more value to the organization.

ETS Platform and the GPS Tracking Devices provide a number of ways to secure fleet vehicles, cargo and drivers. Alerts can be as simple as notification that a vehicle has arrived at a Landmark or crossed into a particular region. Alerts may also indicate a matter of grave danger to the driver and require immediate attention and action. In these cases, real-time messaging and response can make the difference between life and death.

When operating in hazardous regions, challenging weather or when accidents just happen, drivers may proactively trigger a message that informs all the right people that emergency response is needed. In some cases, just the GPS real-time tracking data from the vehicle may indicate an issue, perhaps it has stopped for no apparent reason and the driver is not responding. Through the course of monitoring vehicle progress, perhaps it has entered a zone where they should not be operating and indicates potential trouble. If an accident occurs, how will the driver and vehicle be located?


As a safari tourist it’s of great interest to feel safe and secure, and not to worry about things that can go wrong during the fantastic wildlife experience in a National Park. ETS Parks provides both safety and security to National Park visitors.

Most National Parks are stretched over large areas, often with complex road infrastructure of different quality. Getting stuck or having an emergency situation in such areas can be both dangerous and problematic, and spending the night in a safari vehicle is never a pleasant experience. Until now the tourists has been on their own, and getting help has been very difficult. The park open at sunrise, and closes at sunset, and during the night it’s much better to be at a camp/lounge or outside the park, than stranded inside. With ETS Parks you can get assistance much faster, and park rangers can easily locate the vehicle with accurate position and electronic maps.

Safari Operators

Having a fleet of safari vehicles and offering safari packages means a lot of vehicle maintenance and rising fuel cost. Vehicles are often used extensively, and the poor infrastructure in the park is hard on the vehicles.

ETS Parks offer insurance to any safari operator, it offer security to the driver and the customers as well as reducing fuel and maintenance cost by eliminating unauthorized use of the operators vehicles. ETS Parks gives the operator complete control of their vehicles, and makes it much easier to offer effective and high quality services to important customers.

latest news

ETS AS are looking for new partners and distributors of our products range. In our partnership we provide you with tracking software & hardware, and you build the relationships and provide services to support your customers.

With our new, state of the art, cloud hosted web software there are no need for heavy investment on servers and  infrastructure.

For the first time in ETS history we also open up for third party tracking hardware. This means that if you already have clients with tracking systems, you can convert your existing portfolio to our cloud software.



“ETS Recovery has located all our stolen goods, and saved us millions of rand over the years, it has never failed us.

Our trucks are no longer being targeted by professional criminals, and the truck drivers feel much safer. We are now using it for all our goods in transport.


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