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ETS presents the new cross-border transit tracking system at UNECE

Electronic Tracking Systems AS were invited to a round table event on using modern technologies to raise efficiency and security of Customs transit procedures.

The event were held in Geneva, and ETS were on stage presenting the new cross-border transit model and system. With representatives from 63 countries, this was a very good opportunity for us to present ETS and to learn from the general discussions.

Please contact us if you are interested in the brochure and presentation used during this event.

latest news

ETS AS are looking for new partners and distributors of our products range. In our partnership we provide you with tracking software & hardware, and you build the relationships and provide services to support your customers.

With our new, state of the art, cloud hosted web software there are no need for heavy investment on servers and  infrastructure.

For the first time in ETS history we also open up for third party tracking hardware. This means that if you already have clients with tracking systems, you can convert your existing portfolio to our cloud software.



“ETS Recovery has located all our stolen goods, and saved us millions of rand over the years, it has never failed us.

Our trucks are no longer being targeted by professional criminals, and the truck drivers feel much safer. We are now using it for all our goods in transport.


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